26th July: RnB Gold Back Bar Package


26th July: RnB Gold Back Bar Package

How to book?

Click "Register" in the TOP RIGHT corner of this page and then choose your tickets!


Do I need ID?

Yes and so does every member of your party.  All ID must be currently valid in accordance with Liquor Control Act 1998.

What if I have more people than I booked?

If you have more people than when you initially booked just email our office at promotions@mintclub.net.au and we will ensure the door list is updated.

Does my whole party have to arrive at the same time?

While your party does not have to arrive all at once, they will need to arrive before 11pm and quote the booking name at the door to gain free entry. After 11pm an entry fee will need to be paid.

What is included in the Function Priced Drinks?

Function priced drinks are discounts on our speed rack of spirits and mixers (excluding Juice and Redbull). This does not include special cocktails or weekly specials. If you are unsure feel free to ask our bartenders.


Date & Time
Friday, July 26, 2024
Start - 9:30 PM (Australia/Perth)
Saturday, July 27, 2024
End - 12:00 AM (Australia/Perth)

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