14/1 First Class: Air Saturday

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Booth FAQS

Booths seat 12 patrons. If there are more than 12 patrons it is recommended purchasing 2 All booth attendees must arrive before 12am to receive free entry into the club. 
Arrival after will require payment of club entry fee at the door. 

Attendees are required to quote the name the booth is booked under to gain entry

Bookings are held until 12am (Midnight) if patron have not arrived, after such time, the booth becomes available to walkups. If patrons are occupying a booth after 12am they will not be removed.

If a patron does not finish their bottle, it is held by Air Nightclub. The patron is welcome to return to Air Nightclub and finish your bottle on another night. Returning to finish a bottle is not subject to pre-booking and customers will have to pay entry fee upon return.

If notice is given prior to booking date, the customer will be credited for another visit on a different date. “ No Call, No Show” to a booking will result in a forfeit of Booking cost and no credit will be issued.
Date & Time
Saturday January 14, 2023
Start - 10:00 PM (Australia/Perth)
Sunday January 15, 2023
End - 12:00 AM (Australia/Perth)

Air Nightclub

139 James Street
Northbridge 6003
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Air Nightclub


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